Fall Favorites

Fall is unquestionably my favorite time of year.  Perhaps it’s because I would much rather be chilly than warm… maybe it’s because it fall hiking is extraordinary… or maybe it’s because I’m from New England where the trees turn to cherry reds, piercing yellows and stunning, expressive oranges.   I have put together a collection of things that inspire me in light of my favorite season, so grab some cider and a cozy knit scarf and enjoy!

1 //    salted caramels

Salted Caramels

 – reminds me of my mamma
2 //    ankle length cardigan
3 //    golden coffee cozy
4 //    orange maxi dress 
5 //    cranberry orange soap  
6 //    felted baby booties – do they come in my size?? 
7 //    lovely red alpaca yarn 
8 //    flavored maple syrups by Dean & Deluca
9 //    back to school canvas messenger bag/backpack
wishing you the most wonderful fall

daddy days

recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my family and my [past] home.  being far far away in Denverland while the rest of the immediate Carwells hang on the East Coast has been tough to say the least.  not only have some fairly adorable pictures just resurfaced from my daddy’s younger days – oh yes I am! – he’ll be making the trip out to see me in just 3 days for the James Taylor concert @ Red Rocks [eeeeeeeee!!]

so… this post is dedicated to the sweetest, most intelligent, most compassionate fella in my life…. and the universe 🙂

oh goodness… how can you not ❤ that face! — he looks exactly the same!

_ __ ___ _________________________________________________ ___ __ _

the man who made the music:

although most people know him by trade [doctor] one of the things that makes him most special to me is his insane musical talent.  His background –  completed a theory and composition [music] major back in the day and his innate talent have combined to make a man that can pick up any instrument given to him and play… that can write incredibly touching music.. and that can sing with the best of ’em.  I’ve always loved listening to him spin whimsical and emotional tunes around the house from his piano, and will never forget the times he let me stand by the piano and sing as he played.

poppa playlist:

anges obel        –                     riverside

angus + julia Stone     –              big jet plane

ben e. king     –              stand by me

billy joel     –                piano man

birdy    –                  fire + rain

boy + bear     –                  lordy may

civil wars     –   my father’s father

dan auerbach     –                goin home

ella fitzgerald     –            fields of gold

james taylor     –                copperline

james vincent mcmorrow     –             we don’t eat

john mayer     –                           3 x 5

ray charles     –                     georgia

ray lamontagne     –              shelter you

tom petty     –        learning to fly

the cast of wicked     –      defying gravity

  ❤ ❤ ❤