you know you’re an architecture student when….

arch students model


… the alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep
… you’re not ashamed of drooling in class anymore, especially in structures
… you know what UHU tastes like
… you CELEBRATE space and OBSERVE your birthday
… coffe and cokes are tools, not treats
… you’ve fallen asleep in the bathroom or shower
… you think it’s possible to CREATE space
… you’re not seen in public
… you’ve watched 32 straight hours of tv while modelmaking, drawing, drafting, 3D modeling
… you lose your house keys for a week and don’t even notice
… you’ve brushed your teeth and washed your hair in the school’s bathroom
… you have a pillow and sleeping bag stashed underneath your drafting desk
… you’ve discovered the benefits of having none/very short hair
… you’ve gone to get coffee and back before you realize that you were wearing safety goggles and earplugs the whole time
… you always carry your deoderant
… you know the exact time the vending machines are refilled
… you’ve sung/danced to some awful 90s one hit wonder at 3 am without a single drop of alcohol in your body
… you take notes and messages only with color markers and your signature pen or pencil
… you combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal
… you see holidays only as extra sleeping time

… you can live without human contact, food or daylight but if you can’t print, it’s chaos.

… you refer to famous architects by their familiar name as if you knew them (Frank, Corb, Mies, Rem…)
… you’ve got more photographs of buildings than of actual people

modified from excerpt:  Architecture Depends by Jeremy Till.  MIT press.  p. 24