fancy meeting you here :)

So, Friends, I’m here to tell you… nothing in this world is truly autonomous.  The idea for “this blended life” spurred from my fascination with the non-absolute.   Everything exists on a continuum: each characteristic of a thing, whether it be gender, color, brilliance, form, kindness or any other descriptive you might think of, cannot be comprehensively described by an either/or.… a black or white.  Hence, hybridities and continuums exist, and guess what… that’s what makes life uber interesting!  Furthermore – everything in existence is influenced or impacted by at least one other thing!

Yes, yes, I know… this is not a completely new or shocking concept, but one that has an incredible amount of depth and far reaching implications.  I personally believe that the beauty in life comes from these “in betweens”, these “neither here’s nor there’s”… the things we can’t truly fit into neat little boxes.  Perhaps this comes from my inherent inability to organize.  Perhaps it is an indicator of just how much fascinating variety life has to offer.  As my adorable Italian drawing teacher, Tiziano, used to say in his endearing little accent while practicing the English language… “variety is the spice of life”.

This blog, therefore, is truly just a mundane reporting on what I find interesting in my life… but at times it will call out or highlight the above concept – the qualities of things in life that are a little of one and a bit of the other… those things that are inextricably



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